19 ª Jornada Internacional de Plásticos en Automoción

CEP Auto Tech Meetings

Edición 2023


9:45h – 12:00h

Polímeros para baterías de vehículo eléctrico

Nuevas oportunidades para el sector del plástico

En esta sesión se analizarán las opciones y oportunidades que las baterías del vehículo eléctrico ofrecen a los fabricantes de polímeros.



Moderación del evento a cargo de Pablo Esteras, Managing Director en ALBIS Iberia


Perspectives around the transition to BeV

Cristobal Jose Colon, Partner, L.E.K. Consulting

The transition to the BEV is impacting and transforming the OEMs and suppliers but also is creating uncertainty to the consumer because of the lack of charging infrastructure and the higher price of BEVs. The question is what is going to be the future in terms of future technologies that can ease the transition and reduce the uncertainty


Taking the Next Step to Electrify Mobility with Polycarbonates

Heliana Cárdenas, Global Technical Marketing Mobility, Covestro

High-performance materials like flame retardant Bayblend® (polycarbonate blend) and Makrolon® (polycarbonate), are already proven solutions for Li-Ion battery packaging in the Electric and Electronic (EE) industry for many years. These materials have been transferred successfully to Li-Ion electric vehicle battery module enclosures, cell holders, and top covers among other applications. Innovation in polycarbonates never stops: Polycarbonates with High Comparative Tracking Index (CTI), thermally conductive polycarbonates: Makrolon® TC and low carbon footprint polycarbonates: RE grades are key examples of how our portfolio supports electrification of mobility and will be presented in September 2023 at the CEP Auto Webinar.


Novel Plastic Solutions for the Electric Powertrain

Dirk Salzmann, Senior Sales Manager Engineering Plastics Iberia, BASF

The electric powertrain will bring many new challenges. Solutions from BASF include battery materials and coolants, corrosion protection chemicals and polymers. Yet, in many applications, plastics are key materials in driving forward eMobility. Due to their functional integration and lightweight properties, plastics provide many benefits to automotive engineers. We will touch on some of the most important aspects in this presentation.


Use of Thermoplastics in EV Battery Packs as a Fire Event Countermeasure Strategy

Yannick Saint-Gérard, Market Development & Technical Support, Electrification, SABIC

The presentation discusses the use of thermoplastic materials in next-generation electric vehicle (EV) battery packs to improve battery performance. While traditional materials like steel and aluminum have been used in the first generation of EV batteries, automakers are now seeking materials that offer better energy density, reduced carbon footprint, lighter weight, and lower system cost. However, one of the main challenges is ensuring fire resistance in these thermoplastic materials, as fire standards are still being developed in the automotive industry. The paper presents recent fire testing results that suggest thermoplastics can meet stringent fire requirements. The testing includes a range of specimen-based tests to simulate real-life scenarios and assess the material’s performance under different conditions. The findings from the fire tests can guide the design and development of thermoplastic-intensive battery concepts.


Thermoplastics & Sustainability in EVs

Carlos Carrillo Gálvez, Product Engineer, Sustainability Leader, eMobility , FICOSA

From ICE to BEV the plastic materials used needed to evolve and adapt to the new requirements of flame retardancy, electrical breakdown (CTI), shielding (EMI) and so forth. On top of that, new sustainability requirements are now a priority for OEMs in order to meet environmental regulations and climate objectives.





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Sesión moderada por Pablo Esteras, Managing Director en ALBIS Iberia

Cristobal Jose


Partner, L.E.K. Consulting



Global Technical Marketing Mobility, Covestro


Carrillo Gálvez

Product Engineer, Sustainability Leader, eMobility, FICOSA



Market Development & Technical Support, Electrification, SABIC



Senior Sales Manager Engineering Plastics Iberia, BASF